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Our Principles

Long-term Partnership

Eight Ventures was formed as a long-term partnership in which every client will be treated like a family member. This means planning and investing in a fashion that positions clients for strong growth while avoiding undue risk. In a financial services landscape marked by conflicts of interest, scandal and firms taking advantage of customers, I am intently focused on building deep and meaningful relationships, believing they provide the foundation for long-term investment success.


Eight Ventures was developed around these core principles:

  • Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you 
  • 100% transparency 
  • 100% honesty
  • 100% independence
  • 100% conflict-free

Our fiduciary structure is about placing our clients’ interests first. Taking pride in the way we do business ensures that clients get the unbiased support they have been promised.

A Powerful Plan

At Eight Ventures, the partnership journey begins with a strategic, customized plan designed to ensure clients are strongly positioned to achieve their life goals. Long-term success and meeting the financial goals that enable abundant living is accomplished by executing on a strong plan, year after year. Every Eight Ventures plan seeks to minimize risk while maximizing tax efficiency and wealth creation.

Obsessive about Portfolio Construction

Eight Ventures’ practice is built around a superior strategy for investable assets and Eight Ventures will position every client at the frontier of portfolio efficiency. For example, Eight Ventures’ Four Seasons Portfolio, captures 61% of market gains, while capturing only 50% of losses, a multi-decade track record that redefines risk/reward. Eight Ventures’ investment strategies are patterned after the diversified all-weather portfolios of investment legends, and then optimized based on client profile and present market conditions.  

At Eight Ventures, we will always “expect surprises” and our investment approach is focused on building portfolios designed to minimize drawdowns in down markets. We avoid the icebergs of early and late career “sequence-of-returns risk” and the big account drawdowns that create sleepless nights and lead many investors to abandon the wealth-creating power of investing. Eight Ventures strategies prize capital preservation, subscribing to Warren Buffett’s famous two rules: 1) Don’t lose money 2) Don’t forget rule number one.

Delivering Value

Eight Ventures is laser focused on keeping costs low for our clients. In a broken industry where conflicted interests, commission-driven sales, high fees, below market returns and undue risk dominate, Eight Ventures provides deep value.

Personal Service

Eight Ventures’ business model is geared to serve a small, likeminded group of sophisticated clients in a long-term partnership. Eight Ventures clients receive a commitment to unparalleled personal service, from day one going forward.  

Eight Ventures Private Wealth Management Newsletter

From the desk of Ben Hames

March 26, 2024

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